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Houston man arrested in murder of young mother

A 22-year-old Houston man has been arrested in the March slaying of a young mother driving home from a nightclub. Vewi More

Texas man arrested after video shows him dragging dog behind wheelchair

A South Texas man has been arrested after a passer-by recorded video of him dragging a dog behind his motorized wheelchair last week. Vewi More

Texas teen who recorded violent arrests of mom, sister said she was afraid cop would shoot

The black Texas teenager who recorded video of a white officer violently arresting her little sister and mom said she was scared for her life and wanted to document the altercation in case the cop pulled out his gun. Vewi More

Police: Bryan man arrested after child catches him hiding, locks him in shed

A Bryan resident with five outstanding warrants remained jailed Friday with four new criminal charges filed after authorities said a boy - who watched him hide inside a neighbor’s shed - locked the man inside. Vewi More

ICE Raid Nets 95 Arrests in Southeast Texas [UPDATED]

In keeping with President Donald Trump's wish to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Houston field office has announced a five-day operation that netted 95 people. Vewi More

List: Criminal history, prison escapes of Tennessee fugitive arrested in Royal Oak

An accused bank robber and fugitive from Tennessee law enforcement who was arrested last week has been implicated in another bank robbery during his escape. Vewi More

Tennessee man claiming to be clown threatening to kidnap children arrested in Manchester

The Coffee County Sheriff's Office says a man who claimed to be the clown threatening children called police on Friday night making threats and was later captured after an officer recognized the caller's voice. Vewi More

Man wanted on murder charges arrested Sept. 16 on drug charges

A Bluff City, Tennessee, man wanted on a second-degree murder charge was arrested more than a month ago on drug charges during a traffic stop. Vewi More

Ripley, Tennessee police officer arrested on drug charges

A Ripley police officer has been arrested. Vewi More

Kalamazoo bike tragedy suspect had criminal record in Tennessee

The I-Team did some digging and found that Charles Pickett Junior, who used to live in Tennessee where he owned a business called Pickett's Garage, was issued a speeding ticket in a work zone with workers present in June of 2012. Vewi More