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Fitbit Murder Case: Richard Dabate Pleads Not Guilty in Wife’s Death

A Connecticut man who was charged with murdering his wife — after police built a case based, in part, on the victim's Fitbit data — pleaded not guilty on Friday. Vewi More

Vermont man arrested at border for allegedly attempting to enter Canada to have sex with 13-year-old girl

A Valentine' Day getaway into Canada turned costly for a 25-year-old Vermont man when U.S. Customs agents said they discovered he was trying to cross the border for the purpose of having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Vewi More

Man with Lebanon County arrest record shot dead in Vermont

A New York City man with an arrest record in Lebanon County was shot and killed early Sunday morning in Burlington, Vermont. Vewi More

NEW: Missing Florida sex predator caught in Vermont

A convicted sex predator who failed to register with St. Lucie County authorities was caught Friday in Vermont. Vewi More

Man Charged Following Chase

A 39-year-old Windsor man reached speeds of 120 mph early Monday morning during a police chase from Claremont to Springfield, Vt., Vermont State Police said. Vewi More

Northern Utah woman wanted for automobile homicide arrested in Pocatello

A Utah woman facing multiple charges in connection to a four-car accident that resulted in her husband's death was arrested by Pocatello police Wednesday. Vewi More

Davis County 59-year-old accused of attempting to sexually abuse teenage girl

A man has been accused of trying to sexually abuse a teen girl he knew who was under the age of 15. Vewi More

Listen: Suspected drug trafficker arrested in Utah after calling 911

It wasn’t likely that Gilberto Valadez-Canchola wanted a police officer to be anywhere near him, considering he’s now accused of having more than 35 pounds of meth in his truck. Vewi More

Judge unseals affidavits used to justify arrest of former Utah A.G. deputy

A judge unsealed the affidavits Thursday used to justify the arrest of former Chief Deputy Utah Attorney General Kirk Torgensen, who is a witness in the upcoming public corruption trial of John Swallow. Vewi More

Draper man arrested after reportedly having sex with teenager

Multiple police agencies arrested a Draper man Friday after the man was reportedly found having sex with a 16- or a 17-year-old boy in October. Vewi More