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Tattooed sex offender on the lam from Virginia arrested in Washington, D.C.

Matthew Stager doesn't like to be nailed down. While slowly amassing a face full of tattoos over the past two decades, he's spent time in Virginia, North Carolina, California and Texas among other places. Vewi More

Man running for Suffolk mayor has criminal record of domestic violence: "My past is my past"

A man running for mayor has a criminal record of domestic violence, including convictions for assault and violating a protective order. Vewi More

Wanted Virginia man found at Tulsa motel with teen, arrested on rape complaints

A man wanted in Virginia was arrested on rape complaints late Saturday after he was found in a Tulsa motel with a teenager. Vewi More

W. Virginia woman arrested in Ormond-by-the-Sea kidnapping, homicide case

A woman has been accused of misleading investigators searching for her ex-boyfriend in the kidnapping of his estranged wife, whom he abducted from Ormond-by-the-Sea and later shot to death, court documents show. Vewi More

Marijuana Arrests Plummet In Virginia

Marijuana arrests are taking a record plunge in Virginia as prosecutors and police take a step back from enforcing strict pot laws. Vewi More

Virginia gang-related murder suspect arrested in Stroudsburg

A fifth suspect wanted in what authorities call a gang-related murder in Virginia was arrested Thursday afternoon, about an hour after barricading himself in the laundry room of the EconoLodge in Stroudsburg. Vewi More

Column: The day Chuck Berry got arrested in Virginia

Let’s go back to the spring and summer of 1958 and events that had great future impact on geopolitics, business and art. Vewi More

Robbery suspect caught after Wythe chase

An Ohio man wanted on an armed robbery charge was captured in Wythe County on Thursday after a police chase that started with a Hillsville traffic stop. Vewi More

Trump's Immigration Stance Means Suffering for Some Virginia Families

The Trump Administration has vowed to send immigrants without documents back to their own countries – especially those with a criminal record, but it’s clear some of those arrested here in Virginia were guilty of minor offenses, and whole families are suffering as Sandy Hausman reports. Vewi More

Because of a criminal record, a Va. woman can’t adopt now. She’s fighting the state’s 10-year ban.

Laura Tarantino would love to adopt a child. But under Virginia law, she cannot try for now. Vewi More