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  • Man dressed as clown arrested on assault charges

    Police say they arrested a young man dressed as a clown in Urbandale Monday. Vewi More
  • Former Iowa State running back Troy Davis arrested for public intoxication

    Former Iowa State running back Troy Davis was arrested for a public intoxication charge early Sunday in Ames, according to an ISU Police report. Vewi More
  • UI police make arrest in false report at Burge Hall

    The University of Iowa Police Department has arrested one person following the false report last week of an active shooter at Burge Residence Hall, according to a university news release Monday. Vewi More
  • Iowa grandma's jewelry stolen, and police arrest grandson

    Authorities have accused a Council Bluffs man of stealing some of his grandmother's jewelry and pawning it. Vewi More
  • Florida man with half a head arrested for attempted murder, arson

    Officers of the Miami Police Department say a man with a deformed skull is charged with arson and attempted murder after setting a mattress on fire. Vewi More
  • Reports of gunshots near popular downtown bars lead to arrest

    Des Moines Police arrested a 20-year-old man after an officer heard gunshots in a popular downtown area early Saturday morning. Vewi More
  • Traffic stop leads to arrest of three following August shooting

    Members of the US Marshal's Fugitive Task Force with Dover Police and Delaware Probation and Parole say they arrested three men following a traffic stop on Tuesday afternoon. Vewi More
  • One arrested and one wanted on theft charges in Dover

    The Delaware State Police say they have arrested a wanted Camden man after he tried to get away from troopers in short chase. Vewi More
  • Judge denies ex-Dover Police officer’s request to expunge arrest record

    A former city police officer’s bid to expunge records regarding a high profile assault case was denied on Friday, but a judge left open the possibility for re-evaluation if some specific facts are presented. Vewi More
  • Harrington strong arm robbery under investigation

    The Delaware State Police say they are currently investigating the strong arm robbery of a 76-year-old man at the Delaware State Fairgrounds. Vewi More