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  • 5 arrested after raid at Canton motel; drugs, guns seized

    Federal agents and police investigating the Shorb Blocc street gang arrest 5 in motel raid. Vewi More
  • Ohio woman records video performing sex act on dog, police say

    Warren Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a woman that they say was shown on video performing sexual acts on a dog. Vewi More
  • Timeline: Accusations, arrests follow Bryson White from Ohio to WMU

    The Aug. 26 arrest of former Western Michigan University football player Bryson White wasn’t his first run-in with police. Vewi More
  • Ohio State student arrested after tackling anti-Trump speaker

    An Ohio State University student was arrested Monday after tackling a fellow student who was making a speech inside the student union protesting the election of Donald Trump. Vewi More
  • Suspect in Ashland abduction has long criminal record

    Records from several Ohio counties show arrests and charges against the 40-year-old going back to 1996 Vewi More
  • Akron man charged with involuntary manslaughter in woman's Carfentanil overdose death

    An Akron man is accused of selling the powerful animal sedative Carfentanil to a woman who fatally overdosed and a man who overdosed but survived. Vewi More
  • Two arrested during Cleveland anti-Trump protests charged with crimes

    Both protesters arrested on Inauguration Day during an anti-Trump march in downtown Cleveland are charged in connection with a scuffle with police. Vewi More
  • Cleveland man orders sandwich, then robs Mr. Hero, police say

    A Cleveland man ordered a sandwich before robbing a Mr. Hero restaurant on the city's West Side, police say. Vewi More
  • Anonymous tip leads to arrest in fatal Conneaut hit skip accident

    An arrest has been made in the case of a Conneaut woman killed in a hit-and-run accident as she walked to work Thursday evening. Vewi More
  • Relative of Pike Co. victims arrested on drug trafficking charges

    A relative of the eight killed in Pike County last April was arrested Thursday on a drug trafficking charge. Vewi More